Contacting The Investing Site

Banking Enquiries

Please note that the Investing Site is a directory of banks and building societies with addresses, contact details and facilities. The Investing Site is NOT a bank. Please do not send us your bank details or other personal information via email. It is not safe to do so.

To find your bank's contact details on the Investing Site directory fill in the search box or please use the Bank Guide which includes the head office contact details for major banks such as Nationwide, First Direct and Alliance and Leicester.

Financial Scam Emails

Emails from 'Lotteries' or '911' scams should be reported to the correct authorities and your bank. Remember if something seems too good to be true - such as being informed that you just inherited a million pounds from a relative you never knew you had - it's probably just that: too good to be true.

For help and advice go to the UK Government site on financial scams and the UK banking industry's UKBank Safe Online website.

Reporting an Error in the Directory
Please go to the company page that needs to be updated and click on the link to report an error.