Among the world's largest banks, Santander is also one of the leading personal financial services companies in the United Kingdom. Santander UK plc is among the largest providers of mortgages and savings products in the country. The bank's parent company Santander Group provides retail and commercial services through an estimated 14,760 branches worldwide. Through this network, Santander Group offers business and personal banking services to over 102 million customers around the world.

With a history dating back to 1849 and Britain's building societies, Santander UK plc was formed in 2010. The company emerged following the coming together of established UK banks and building societies Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester, and Bradord & Bingley. The company is wholly owned by Santander Group, an international financial institution based in Spain and the largest bank in the Eurozone. Santander UK operates a number of subsidiaries, including Alliance & Leicester International, Cahoot, Cater Allen, and Santander Private Banking.

Santander UK plc estimates that is serves an estimated 25 million customers throughout the United Kingdom. With some 1,300 bank branches, Santander UK operates the fourth largest branch network in the country. Santander is also the third largest bank in the United Kingdom in terms of deposits and the second largest bank for mortgages held. The company also employs more than 25,000 people across the country and has over 1.6 million shareholders in the United Kingdom.

Banking Services and Products

Through its retail branches and over 30 corporate business centres throughout the country, Santander UK plc offers a range of personal and business banking products and services to its customers. Personal banking products and financial services include residential mortgages, savings and current acounts, and other personal financing products such as loans and insurance. Retail banking is provided through secure telephone and internet services, as well as in-person branch and bank machine (ATM) services. Private and exclusive banking is also provided through the company's subsidiary Santander Private Banking.

Corporate and business banking services provided by Santander cater mainly to small and medium enterprises (SME) and mid-corporate markets. The company provides a range of banking products for businesses, including bank accounts, deposits, cash transmission, loans, treasury services, invoice discounts, and asset finance. Financing programmes are also offered to SMEs with high-growth potential through the bank's Growth Fund. Santander also provides market services to financial institutions and UK businesses, including fixed income and equity. The company also operates an Asset and Liability Management arm, which is responsible for managing the Santander Group's infrastructure in the United Kingdom. This is done through short- and medium-term funding, covered bond and securitisation programmes, and investor relations management.

Santander offers a wide variety of banking products including:

  • Current accounts including cashback and interest options, as well as dedicated student, graduate and under 18's accounts
  • Savings accounts including instant access, fixed rates and index linked options, as well as a range of tax free cash ISAs
  • Loans featuring both secured and unsecured borrowing options
  • Mortgages with fixed, tracker and flexible offset options, as well as remortgaging and first-time buyer mortgages
  • Investment options such as index linked savings bonds, fixes rate bonds and ISAs
  • Credit cards including cashback credit cards
  • Insurance including car, travel, home and life insurance, as well as commercial/business insurance options
  • Business banking services including start-up and business current accounts, business loans, commercial mortgages, overdraft financing, and additional services through corporate business centres
  • Corporate services including the Santander Breakthrough programme and Growth Fund for SMEs
  • Premier banking through private banking services

Customers can access Santander's services by using online and telephone banking as well as by visiting their branches throughout the UK.

Santander UK plc
2 Triton Square
Regent's Place
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0870 607 6000

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