HFC Bank

Established in 1973 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Household International Inc, HFC Bank is now part of the HSBC Group.

Specialising in consumer finance, HFC Bank has over 3 million customers in the UK.

HFC Bank does not offer traditional current or savings accounts, their financial products being focussed on credit and consumer finance. Most of their products are offered through various distribution channels and their branches are branded Beneficial Finance.

HFC Bank's products include:

  • Credit Cards such as Marbles, GM and Freeserve
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Retail credit and point of sale loans allowing customers to purchase appliances, computers or other equipment on credit from electrical, furniture and home improvement retailers such as Curry's, PC World and Furniture Village

Customers can access the HFC Bank's services by visiting one of the 200 Beneficial Finance branches throughout the UK, or by telephone.

HFC Bank Limited
120 Edmund Street
Birmingham B3 2Q2
Tel: 0121 233 4477

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