The Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank is a commercial banking institution operating across the United Kingdom. It provides customers with a range of personal, business and corporate banking products and services. In addition to retail and commercial banking, The Co-operative Bank also offers independent financial advice to its customers. The bank is a member of The Co-operative Group, the largest consumer co-operative in the UK.

Based in Manchester, The Co-operative Bank traces its roots to 1872. The bank was founded as the Loan and Deposit Department of the city's Co-operative Wholesale Society. In 2002, the bank and The Co-operative Insurance Society joined forces to form Co-operative Financial Services. The group adopted The Co-operative Group name in 2011. In addition to The Co-operative Bank and The Co-operative Insurance Society, the group including an Internet-banking arm (smile) and the Britannia Building Society. The Co-operative Group serves an estimated 6.5 million customers with a range of financial products.

The Co-operative Bank is committed to ethical, environmental and community matters, and has established ethical policies that set out how the bank does business. These policies have been developed in consultation with the bank's customers. Examples of these policies include free banking for charities and voluntary organisations, and donations to social and environmental causes through credit card use and fees. In addition, the bank does not invest in companies that carry out activities deemed by the bank as unethical practices. These include businesses involved in the arms trade, animal testing, sweatshops and sweated labour, genetic engineering, and fossil fuel extraction.

The Co-operative Bank is dedicated to social and community banking. The bank's Social Banking Unit assists organisations that are involved in advancing social, economic and environmental change. Services include introducing organisations to industry experts, investment management and other day-to-day banking services. The Co-operative Bank also works closely with charities, community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to offers free banking to these organisations.

Banking Products and Services

The Co-operative Group delivers a variety of financial services, including high street (retail) and Internet banking. Banking products and services provided by The Co-operative Bank include current accounts, credit cards, mortgages and loans. The bank's partner The Co-operative Insurance also provides clients with financial advice, insurance, pensions and unit trusts.

The Co-operative Bank offers a wide variety of banking products including:

  • Current accounts, including a range of options for day to day banking and premier accounts with benefits such as travel insurance, overdraft and savings accounts.
  • Savings accounts, including tax-tree Individual Saving Accounts (ISAs), fixed term, easy access savings, and children's savings accounts
  • Mortgages with fixed rate and tracker rate options, as well as interest only mortgages
  • Loans such as personal and homeowner loans, as well as professional and career development loans
  • Credit cards, including cashback and fixed rate credit cards
  • products including home, life and health, car and motor, and pet insurance, as well as income protection, funeral planning and eco insurance
  • Offshore banking services for residents of Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and the United Kingdom, as well as British citizens living or working abroad

For businesses, The Co-operative Bank provides a full range of services. Products consist of current accounts, deposit accounts, and lending and financing services. The bank also offers business insurance and dedicated online banking for businesses, as well as payment collection, treasury and foreign services. The Co-operative Bank also features free banking for community and voluntary organisations.

The bank's corporate customers have access to financial managers and dedicated relationship managers, as well as Corporate Banking Centres across the United Kingdom. Specialist teams also provide advice and services related to property finance, public sector services, acquisitions and buy-outs, business insurance, Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) financing, and syndications.

Customers can access Co-operative Bank's services by using online and telephone banking as well as by visiting their branches throughout the UK.

The Co-operative Bank plc
P.O. Box 101
1 Balloon Street
M60 4EP
United Kingdom

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